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Serap Osman is a fine art photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.  She began her formal education at Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey where she studied radio, television, cinema, graduating in 2000.


Upon moving to Melbourne, Serap undertook further study, graduating from the RMIT University BA Photography program in 2006.  RMIT’s program equipped Serap with the photographic techniques and image editing skills to help her realise her own unique vision.


Her work was originally the realisation of film and digital capture and utilises photomontage and layering techniques to produce images that are intimate and beautiful.  Her ethereal landscapes are often paired with still life images to challenge the audience to create their own narrative and take their own meaning from the work.


The majority of the work displayed here is film capture and has undergone little if any manipulation.


Serap has exhibited her work in Melbourne, Sydney China and New York.

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